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Back In Session

The last real update I posted ended on a pretty dramatic note, I do have to admit. I spent a good amount of time over Winter Break working away and managed to produce several more pages. My mom felt it would be good to have something physical to show, which I agreed with. We decided to try to put together a rough copy of what the actual book might look like. 

We ended up scanning the pages with my dad's help and his computer and just printing them out on sticker sheets and literally sticking them together and stapling. A real family DIY project, if you will. The picture quality isn't the best compared to the extremely HQ scanners back at school and I ended up just handwriting some of the text on there, but I honestly almost got emotional when it all came together. It was just a glimpse into what the final product might look like but it made me so excited. 

I had my meeting with my advisor last week and I got to show her the rough book we had made. Seeing her holding the book in her hands and flipping through the pages was also quite a rewarding moment. And she was really pleased with my progress! I think we're on a good track and it seems I will get to continue working on my thesis after all. (!!!) It made me so happy to see her so proud. 

Here's an example of a page from the DIY book:


And here's a screenshot of what the InDesign file looks like (what the final digital format will look like). I'm using the Blurb plug-in and placing in all my scanned pages and adding text:

Now, school is back in session and classes are picking up. Thus begins, again, my constant struggle to manage my time and responsibilities. While speaking with my mentor the other day, he suggested I literally pencil in a time in my calendar where I work on my thesis. I think that's a good method since I am an avid Calendar user and I need to be more intentional about my Thesis time this semester. I think what's important now is that I don't lose momentum or motivation and really truly see this project to its end!!

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