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Just in time for the holidays

And in the blink of an eye, two months have passed. Or, okay... more like three. You know when you get really ambitious and make too many goals that you can't keep? Me this semester. You live and you learn, I guess. But I'm here now, before the semester draws to a close, and hopefully, I can log a little more consistently from now on.

It seems the only adequate way to go about this is to start from the present and reach back in time. My project has molded and evolved as the weeks have passed and some things have, inevitably, changed since the beginning. 

For one thing, I think my goal now is to produce two books instead of three. The biggest issue is time constraints, really. Although I see this as having the potential to be an ongoing project, I have a deadline of April for my actual thesis (more like mid-March, if we're being honest) so I see myself finishing two books, hopefully. Making picture books is a lot of work! A lot of drafts, a lot of pages... I'm working on Yayoi Kusama right now and I want to have one on Tammy Duckworth to keep with the female figure lead. 

Another thing is my medium. I've switched completely to watercolor. I was working with marker and paper cutting but my advisor felt watercolor would be more nuanced and polished. I wanted to do photo collage way in the beginning but I realized it limited the way I could tell the story since not everything had a matching photograph and obtaining copyright usage for every single picture would've been quite the undertaking. 

The biggest struggle I've had this semester is time. Trying to juggle 3 other classes, 3 jobs, and an online business course that also basically equates to 3 extra classes on top of trying to produce enough work for the thesis? It's been a challenge, to say the least. I know this project is supposed to be my priority but it's hard when there are so many more immediate deadlines and I want to do well in the other facets of my life as well. I had a lot of low moments this semester and some hard talks with my advisor on whether or not I could or should continue this project next semester. But I want to show that I can and should push through. I still earnestly believe in the importance of this project and I really want to see it to completion. 

Our end-of-the-semester critique in front of the entire Studio Arts faculty is next Thursday. That's when they'll decide if we've produced enough work to keep working on our thesis next semester or if it'll get demoted to an "independent project". Fingers crossed! I think I've finally started getting into the groove though and producing more work so hopefully I will have good news. 

More updates to come soon~

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